Your GPSC Representatives

GPSC Leadership

Some members of the leadership teams are directly elected to their positions each year by the student body, others are appointed internally after being elected as DSO representatives; all work to serve and represent all graduate and professional students at the University of Arkansas.

For more on how the GPSC is organized, click here.

Office Name Rep. Type Email
President J.D. Diloreto-Hill Directly Elected
Vice President Katherine Dzurilla Directly Elected
Secretary Anthony (A.G.) Holdier Directly Elected
Treasurer Paul Bonney Directly Elected
Office Name Rep. Type Email
President Pro Tempore Rachel Slank At-Large
Legislative Clerk Olivia Kolenc DSO  
Historian   [vacant]  
Chair: Academic and Teaching Camie Wood DSO
Co-Chair: Diversity and Inclusion Christin Mujica At-Large  
Co-Chair: Diversity and Inclusion Jodi Simeon DSO  
Chair: Facilities Korab Vranovci At-Large

Chair: Grad Life Juan Marin, Jr. DSO

Chair: Policies and Procedures Ian O’Rourke At-Large
Co-Chair: Research Tiffany Marcantonio At-Large  
Co-Chair: Research Will Teague DSO  
Office Name Rep. Type Email
Chief Justice Lauren Ford Directly Elected
Ethics Chair Charlton Troutner DSO
Parliamentarian Ian O’Rourke At-Large
The five members of the GPSC Executive Council (DiLoreto-Hill, Dzurilla, Holdier, Bonney, and Slank), all wearing PPE face masks w/ the Razorback logo, stand distanced with arms crossed in front of the Arkansas Student Union.

At-Large Representatives

Each college at the University of Arkansas can send up to three delegates to represent the college on the GPSC; these at-large representatives are elected annually by the student body.

If you would like to fill a vacant At-Large seat for your college, please contact the GPSC President for more information.

Name Email
Ajibola Bakare

Christin Mujica

Morgan Middlebrooks

Name Email
Ian O’Rourke

Name Email
Prathamesh Bandekar

Johnathan Blanchard

Tai Huynh

Name Email
Justin Gunderman

Jesse Kloss

Dana McGee

Name Email
Rachel Slank

Korab Vranovci

Several people sit in tiered chairs looking past the camera. Two people are in the front row, both dressed in suit jackets. All appear to be listening to someone speaking.

Departmental Student Organization (DSO) Representatives

These representatives are elected each year by their respective DSOs to speak for their individual departments on the GPSC. Each DSO may send one representative for every one hundred of its members.

To learn how to create a DSO, click here.

DSO Name Email
Agricultural Education [vacant]
Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business Keia Jones

Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science Tatum Simms

Food Science Ragita Pramudya

Animal Science [vacant]
DSO Name Email
Anthropology Lucyna Bowland

Biology (1) Katherine Dupree

Biology (2) Jodi Simeon

Cellular and Molecular Biology Danielle Maynard

Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies Anthony Sargenti

English Leah Johnston

Geoscience [vacant]
History Will Teague

Philosophy Erica Nicolas

Psychological Science Jake Steggerda

Social Work [vacant]
Sociology and Criminology Veronica Pereira

DSO Name Email
Economics Sergei Kolomeitsev

Management [vacant]
DSO Name Email
Counselor Education and Supervision Timothy Schoonover

Education Reform Camie Wood

Health, Human Performance, and Recreation [vacant]
DSO Name Email
Biomedical Engineering Olivia Kolenc

Biological and Agricultural Engineering [vacant]
Chemical Engineering Juan Marin, Jr.

Civil Engineering [vacant]
Computer Science and Computer Engineering [vacant]
Electrical Engineering Amir Shariffar

Industrial Engineering [vacant]
Mechanical Engineering Hayden Carlton

DSO Name Email
Law (1) Silas Heffley

Law (2) Hannah Lundry

Law (3) Charlton Troutner

Law (4) Samantha Warren

Law (5) [vacant]
DSO Name Email
Space and Planetary Sciences Cadi Morrison

Public Policy Dennis Felton