GPSC Travel Grant

One of the founding goals of GPSC was to provide travel funding for graduate and professional students.

How the GPSC Travel Grant works



The Graduate and Professional Student Congress is excited to offer funding for students traveling to present their own original work at a conference. Presenting at professional conferences is an integral part of the academic career for graduate and professional students. Additionally, the University of Arkansas’ status as a Research One Institution is in no small part because of the hard work done by graduate and professional students and this grant is aimed at expanding access to allow for us to share that hard-work with audiences around the globe.

Please note: Travel Grants shall not exceed $500 dollars. A detailed description of the funding application can be found in the GPSC Financial code.

Please contact GPSC Treasurer, Katherine Dzurilla, for questions at

Funding of last resort

GPSC strives to help as many Razorback graduate students as possible; therefore, the GPSC Travel Grant is funding “of last resort”, meant to help students who have already exhausted other funding sources open to them. 

Departmental Student Organizations (DSO)

Students and their departments must be in “good standing” with the GPSC, meaning they have an active Departmental Student Organization (DSO) representative (students who do not have a DSO representative may still apply and will be given information regarding requirements of a DSO representative and how one can be selected, but no award will be released to a student of a department not in “good standing”).

Questions regarding DSOs and/or their standing should be directed to the President Pro Tempore at or the GPSC Vice President at

GPSC Travel Grants have sent graduate/professional student across the globe: