PIGS Awards

(Up to $500 to Support Professional Development)

Professional and Internship Grant Sponsorship (PIGS) Awards offer up to $500 to support student endeavors related to professional development, but not associated with research presentations. This can include participation in workshops or internships, funding speaker fees or other costs of organizing events, and more.

All applications for PIGS Awards are submitted through Hogsync and require a brief written statement explaining how the funds would be used, as well a confirmation form from the applicant’s advisor.

Please contact Treasurer Paul Bonney with questions: gpsctres@uark.edu

Note: to be eligible for a GPSC Travel Grant, an applicant must be a member of a DSO with an active representative on the GPSC. (Students without active DSO representation can still apply, but will need to meet all DSO requirements before funds can be dispersed.)