Judicial Branch of the Graduate-Professional Student Congress

Past judicial decisions can be found here



Requesting Judicial Decisions

GPSC judicial decisions are made following “interpretation requests” from graduate and professional students.  There are two types of interpretation requests: advisory requests and complaints.  If you are a GPSC officer that finds that current GPSC governing documents are ambiguous in a way that affects your job duties, please fill out an advisory request.  If you are any graduate or professional student who believes that a GPSC officer or governing body has made a decision that goes against a governing document, please fill out a complaint.  In either case, please use the forms linked below, and contact the GPSC Chief Justice, Jaden Atkins, at gpsccj@uark.edu if you have any questions.  For more information on judicial decision-making, please see the GPSC Judicial Code.

Reports of Ethics Violations

If you believe that any graduate or professional student, including a GPSC officer, has violated our Code of Conduct, please send an email to Ethics Chair Rachel Slank at gpscethi@uark.edu and include the following information: the names of all those submitting the report of violation, the name of the person the report is against, any known material witnesses to the alleged violation, a description of the events as best known to you, and any evidence accessible to you. 

For more information on the process for handling these reports of violations, please see the GPSC Ethics Code. 



Meet the Judicial Branch

Jaden Atkins

Jaden Atkins

Chief Justice

School of Law (3L)

Johnathan Blanchard

Johnathan Blanchard


Doctoral Candidate, Civil Engineering

Charlton Trouter

Charlton Trouter

Ethics Chair

Law Student

Any questions regarding these forms should be sent to the current Chief Justice at gpsccj@uark.edu.