In Spring 2019, ASG and GPSC teamed up to pass the Menstruation Equity for All (MEA) Act (read the full text here) to require University of Arkansas bathrooms provide free menstruation products for the campus community. The motivation behind the MEA Act was the inherent unequal access to education caused by forcing individuals to pay (with coins… who carries coins?) for menstruation products. An inability to access these products (as the statistics below demonstrate) means that some have to miss class, labs, or suffer the embarrassment of asking a stranger to bail them out. In short, there is no reason that someone can utilize paper towels, bath tissue, and soap without needing to find quarters (or bring their own supply from home) and not also have access to menstruation products. 

We are extremely grateful for campus leadership and how seriously they took this issue and how quickly they have worked to rectify it. In the coming months, bathrooms across campus will be outfitted with new or modified dispensers. Keep an eye out for these stickers:

As the University works towards outfitting all bathrooms, it is anticipated that each building will have at least one bathroom that provides free products per floor. 

If you are among the many that struggle to afford pads or tampons, the Jane B. Gearhart Full Circle Food Pantry can help. Click here for more info. 


Questions? Please reach out to GPSC President, JD DiLoreto-Hill: or stop by our office Union A647.